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Riverside Park, Macclesfield

We were awarded works at Riverside Park in September 2014.  Works consisted of scraping off of soil/grass, installation of edging boards to retain topping material in highlighted places, installation of retaining wall (timber Sleeper), Installation of stone wall up to bridges, and surfacing footpaths with Hopath material.


King Canute Garden Feature

The King Canute sculpture was featured in a Silver Medal winning show garden at RHS Tatton 2012 in the time and tide garden built for Cheshire Garden's Trust.  The Sculpture was designed and built by The Locker Group and Christine Wilcox Baker.  The Sculpture was stored at Tatton Park for two years, then in September 2014, King Canute was moved over to Knutsford Town Council Offices.  Planting was incorporated into the scheme, this was mulched with pea gravel and crushed shells used to highlight the feature


Hall Street Green, Cheadle

Existing footpaths were removed and made good with soil and seeded. New footpaths were then constructed, new IAE fencing was installed and old removed, Broxap bin and benches were also installed with edge detail. Planting area developments ready for bog garden plants and general seeding upon completion of the works.  The works were awarded by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.


Wigan Flood Alleviation Scheme

Works involved, importation of compost to PAS100 standards, planting of bare root trees and whips, re profiling of pond edges, installation of Bat Boxes and Kingfisher tunnels, construction of Otter Holts, installation of drainage channels, and plug planting.  The project was awarded by the Environment Agency and project managed by Axis P.E.D.







                                     Otter Holts


Gadbrook Park, Northwich

Landscape works carried out to the underpass between Rudheath and Gadbrook business park.  Works consisted of stripping turf and incorporating soil improver, planting of shrubs, trees and bulbs.  Other works carried out to the estate included pond improvements.  The existing pond was stripped removing established shrubs from edges and also accumulated debris, bentonite was then laid 300mm below the finished soil level, and then filled with the excavated material, with the surrounding edges being raked and seeded.