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Kingsmead, Northwich Landscape Maintenance

We have maintained Kingsmead located in Northwich for 12 years.  The site is a large housing estate of some 1600 homes with communal landscape areas including parks, footpaths, fencing and gates. Open spaces are fully accessible to the public at all times so specific mowing programmes have been decided upon prior to works.  With our 12 years working on this particular site we have gained much experience of Kingsmead making our service more valuable as the site is maintained by our regular maintenance teams who know the routes and are familiar faces around the estate. 

Birchwood Boulevard, Warrington Landscape Maintenance

We have successfully maintained Birchwood Boulevard for 10 years.  The works include maintenance of lawn areas around the office buildings and roads, pruning and hedge cutting, weed control, restock planting beds, and inspection of the green space and infrastructure within the estate.


Japanese Knotweed Treatment, Northern England

W A P Lawton Currently carry out Japanese Knotweed treatment to various sites in the North of England for the Homes and Communities Agency, managed by TEP.  Areas vary in size and also type of location.  W A P Lawton are fully aware of the constraints when working near to water courses and areas of a sensitive nature.  As well as the Homes and Communities Agency and TEP, we carry out Japanese Knotweed treatments for the Environment Agency and also various Landscape Architects.

W A P Lawton also deal with other invasive species of weed, namely Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam.  Depending on situations we can treat an area with knapsack sprayers or stem injectors, or where required excavation of root systems with mini excavators and dumpers to which we have trained and certified operators to drive up to 10 ton machines tracked and wheeled.