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Oakfield High School, Wigan

Oakfield High School located in Wigan, required a re vamp of a raised planter, we visited the school with some ideas of what could be installed to improve the main entrance to the school.  The area to be re developed was measured and a brief drafted out with the site manager and head teacher, which highlighted the requirements and their wish list for the area.

Three designs were drafted out, one was picked and put forward for pricing,

We were successful with our quotation and started work on the area.  The design consisted of areas of evergreen specimen shrubs, and sensory planting, these were defined by a Buxus hedge.  A milled slate outcrop stone was then installed onto a water trough, with a dry river bed (blue and plum slate) running from the base of the larger stone.  As you progress down the river bed to the split this detail relates to the school Oak tree logo.  Sensory mulch was then spread around the new planting to aid in establishment and also keep the weeds down.  Finally electricity was installed to the feature area providing power to the water pump and also power to the up lighters, which were positioned around the milled outcrop stone and also down the river bed.



Cherry Grove Primary School, Chester

The brief for this particular project was to improve the grounds of the school by clearing overgrown areas that were fenced off, allowing a larger more accessable area for the children to play and learn, as well as adding outdoor resources for teachers.

All areas around the sports field were considered within the proposals, with the proposed amphitheatre area needing a design to base our presentation on.

The design above included a golden gravel footpath, growing beds, wildflower beds, trees and sensory planting.

Following on from the levelling and development of the areas, the school now has scope to develop further, adding trim trails, seating, growing beds and trees to the surrounding green space around the new feature areas.